This site features my airgun collection that focuses on CO2-powered pistols that are replicas of popular firearms. I have enjoyed shooting airguns since I was in elementary school. I got my first airgun, a Daisy lever-action rifle, when I was eight. That gun saw a lot of action in the backyard and basement as well as on my grandparent's farm. Two years later I became the proud owner of a brand new Daisy 25 that dispatched many pests over the years from the barn and corn crib.

Although I could never afford one, some of my friends owned the "coolest" airgun I had ever seen the Hahn 45 CO2-powered six-shooter (replica of Colt 1873 SAA). Many hours were wiled away practicing our quick-draw in imitation of our TV heroes as TV Westerns were at the peak of their popularity at that time.

College, marriage, and graduate school put an end to airgunning for a number of years. In the late 1980's, when my son and daughter were old enough, I bought several CO2 air pistols (Daisy 92, Crosman 357-6, Daisy 93) to teach them gun safety and target shooting. These guns were replicas of popular handguns and, we all discovered, were a lot of fun to shoot. That experience kicked off an enduring interest in collecting CO2-powered replica pistols.

In the days before the Internet, buying, selling, and trading CO2 pistols was a real challenge. However, with Web-based airgun auction sites, online classified ads, and the collector forums available today, it is much easier to locate and purchase vintage airguns. In addition to the collection, this site also contains links to information about CO2-powered airguns, information about airgun dealers and repair centers, and information about the measurements reported for each airgun in the collection.

Free Downloads

Improve your target shooting accuracy by analyzing your shot groups with these shot group analysis targets (.pdf files). We have included both right-hand and left-hand targets. These are useful for beginners and experts alike. The 6 m slow fire air pistol target (.pdf file) is great for practice (6 m is 19' 8"). Click on the images below to download the targets.

Right Hand Target

Left Hand Target

6 m Slow Fire
Air Pistol

Airgun Show Photos


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