Air Gun Dealers, Repair Centers, and Auction Sites

Dealers Specializing in CO2 Air Guns:

  • Pyramyd Air - This is probably the best all-around air gun store on the Web. While Pyramyd Air carries all kinds of air guns, they have a particularly good selection of CO2 air pistols, accessories, and supplies. They also have a section devoted to articles related to air gunning, a daily blog site, and downloadable user's manuals for many different air guns.

  • Airguns of Arizona - An excellent selection of all things related to airguns. Very good pellet selection. While the
    majority of the site is related to air rifles, they also have a good selection of air pistols.

  • AirGun Warehouse - Large selection of CO2 pistols, accessories, and supplies.

  • Airgun Depot - Good selection of CO2 pistols including accessories and supplies.

  • Replica Airguns (Canada) - This is an excellent site for information on CO2 replica airguns. There is a large collection of airguns for viewing and a good selection for purchase.

  • JG Airguns, LLC - Lots of parts, collectibles, used airguns, and repair service.

  • Straight Shooters - Excellent source for guns, parts, and supplies as well as general airgun information.

  • Baker Airguns - New and used airguns, parts, repair tools and repair services.

  • Pitsco - Best source available for 8 gram CO2 cartridges for use in vintage airguns.

Airgun Repair Information:



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