Beeman Model 2008

Beretta Models (9 mm)

Beeman Model 2008
Replica Of:
Beretta 92F
Made In:

177, lead pellet, 6-shot repeater
Air Source:
CO2, 12 g Powerlet
Extra 6-shot clips
Recommended Pellet or BB:
JSB Match Diabolo
Weight (lb)/Length (in):
2.2, 8.5

Body Material/Finish/Grips:
metal & plastic/black/plastic

Barrel Length (in)/Material/Rifled:
5.0, brass, no
Trigger Action:
Trigger Pull (lbs)/Adjustable:
>12 (DA), 9.6 (SA)
Sights (front/rear):
fixed, fixed
Velocity (fps):
Sound Level (dB): 101
Thickness of Pellet Holder (in): 0.270
Manufactured Dates:
2007 - present
98%, yes, yes (backer card)
Serial Number:
Comments: The Beeman Model 2008 is the first CO2-powered gun and the first replica pistol ever marketed by Beeman. This airgun is modeled after the Beretta 92 and blends features of three different Beretta models, the 92 Vertec, 92G Elite II, and the 90two. The Model 2008 is made for Beeman in China. It is constructed mostly of metal but has a plastic outer barrel, grip covers, and base pad. The loading and firing mechanism is a direct copy of the Daisy 617X. However, Beeman made the pin that holds the clip a little larger than Daisy's, so Daisy clips won't work in the Beeman. Unlike the Daisy, the Beeman pistol will only shoot 177 cal lead pellets. The Beeman Model 2008 has good power, realistic heft, and it fits well in the hand. The barrel latch is more reliable than the one on the Daisy 617X and it does not jam like the Daisy. Unfortunately, the Beeman has poor accuracy, mostly due to having a smooth bore barrel, but also due to having a very heavy trigger in both single and double-action. Another drawback is that it is very difficult to cock the hammer for single-action shooting. You can expect about 60 good shots from each CO2 cylinder on a warm day. For what this airgun costs, it should have a rifled steel barrel and a decent trigger. It is hard to figure out what market sector Beeman is trying to reach with this airgun. The Daisy 617X provides the same power and accuracy for half the price.

Performance: Measurements were made on 9/08/07 at a temperature of 81 F and 14' elevation. A ten shot string was fired from a bench rest at 15' using JSB Match Diabolo pellets (7.4 gr). The highest velocity measured was 445 fps, the lowest was 409 fps (average of the 10-shot string was 430 fps). A six shot string fired with open sights grouped at 0.93". Click the thumbnail below to see a larger image. Click here for a description of the measurement methods.
This sample of the Beeman 2008 shoots 1 inch below the point of aim.

The Beeman Model 2008 was tested with the following pellets: JSB Match Diabolo, RWS Superdome, RWS R-10, H&N Finale Match, RWS Hobby, Crosman Premier Super Match, and Gamo Match. Best results were achieved with the following pellets: JSB Match Diabolo, RWS Hobby, and RWS Superdome. The Model 2008 shoots tighter groups with a fresh CO2 cylinder installed.

Right Profile:
Front View:
Right Side Markings:
Left Side Markings:
Loading Pellets: A clip must be in the breech before firing the gun with a CO2 charge. Otherwise, the barrel will flip up and may damage the barrel latch. Notice how closely the Beeman 2008 loading system matches that of the Daisy 617X shown below.

Daisy Powerline 617X


Loading CO2: Beeman added a hinged cap on the bottom of the grip to hide the CO2 cylinder tightening screw. This makes the gun look more realistic, but the cap is rather fragile, so use caution when tightening the cylinder screw.




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