Crosman Mark II

Ruger Mark I (.22 semi-auto)

Crosman, Model Mark II
Replica Of:
Ruger Mark I (.22 semi-auto)
Made In:  
177, lead pellet or steel BB, single-shot
Air Source:
CO2, 12 g Powerlet
5 Crosman Powerlets (bottle cap style)
Recommended Pellet or BB:
RWS R-10 (light)
Weight (lb)/Length (in):
2.8, 11.0
Body Material/Finish/Grips:
metal, black, plastic
Barrel Length (in)/Material/Rifled:
7.75, steel, yes
Trigger Action:
Trigger Pull (lbs)/Adjustable:
7.0, yes
Sights (front/rear):
fixed, fully adjustable
Velocity (fps):
420 (hi), 320 (lo)
Sound Level (dB): 100
Thickness of Pellet Holder (in): N/A
Manufactured Dates:
1966 - 1986
85%, yes, yes
Serial Number:
Comments: The Crosman Mark II is the .177 cal version of Crosman's Mark series of target pistols. It is designed to shoot either lead pellets or steel BBs. Testing was performed using only lead pellets to protect the barrel's rifling. This example of the Mark II is a second variant (1975-1986), which means that it has no power adjustment screw and uses a round piercing button instead of the lever system of the first variant. The Crosman Mark II usually came with black plastic grips. This gun has the same brown-swirled grips that are associated with the Mark I. It is unknown if these grips were after market add-ons by a previous owner or if they were factory supplied. The box shows and describes a first variant Mark II.  The Crosman Mark II is from the Golden Decade of Crosman CO2 pistol production. Concurrently produced with the Mark II were the 600, 451, Mark I, 38C, 38T, and the SA-6. All of these guns are still popular with shooters and collectors alike. This gun was resealed in July 2006.

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Owner's Manual for Crosman Mark II (.pdf)
Exploded View of Crosman Mark II (.pdf)

Performance: Measurements were made on 7/30/06 at a temperature of 84 F and 14' elevation. A ten shot string was fired from a bench rest at 15' using RWS R-10 pellets (7.0 gr). The highest velocity measured on the hi-power setting was 498 fps, the lowest was 480 fps (average of the 10-shot string was 491 fps). A six shot string fired with open sights grouped at 0.61". Click the thumbnail below to see a larger image. Click here for a description of the measurement methods.


Right Profile:

Front View: The Mark II has an adjustment for the trigger as illustrated below.

Right Side Markings:

Left Side Markings: Pulling the cocking knob all the way forward puts the gun in the hi-power setting. Pulling the cocking knob half-way forward puts the gun in the low-power setting. The safety can only be engaged when the gun is cocked. Once the gun is cocked, there is no safe way to decock it.

Loading Pellets: The Mark II was designed to shoot either lead pellets (.177 cal) or steel BBs (.174 cal). The tip of the bolt probe contains a magnet to keep the slightly smaller BBs from rolling down the barrel when loaded.

Loading CO2: The CO2 clinder is inserted neck down and then the piercing cap is tightened. To pierce the cylinder, the bottom of the piercing cap is tapped against a hard surface.

Packaging: This gun was purchased used and the box that came with it shows a first variant Mark II with adjustable power, a lever piercing cap, and screws for holding the bolt guide in place. This is probably not the box that came with the gun originally.

Owner's Manual for Crosman Mark II (.pdf)
Exploded View of Crosman Mark II (.pdf)



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