Healthways Western Plainsman

Colt 1873 Single Action Army (44 cal)

Healthways Western Plainsman
Replica Of:
Colt 1873 Single Action Army (44 cal)
Made In:
177, steel BBs, 20-shot spring loaded magazine
Air Source:
CO2, 8 g Powerlet
Recommended Pellet or BB:
Crosman Copperhead BBs
Weight (lb)/Length (in):
2.0, 11.0
Body Material/Finish/Grips:
metal, black, plastic
Barrel Length (in)/Material/Rifled:
6.0, steel, no
Trigger Action:
Trigger Pull (lbs)/Adjustable:
1.4 (SA), no
Sights (front/rear):
fixed, fixed (groove in receiver)
Velocity (fps):
Sound Level (dB):
Thickness of Pellet Holder (in): N/A
Manufactured Dates:
90%, no, no
Serial Number:


Comments: This is an excellent all-metal replica of the Colt 1873 SAA. The gun was advertised as a revolver, but the cylinder does not rotate (BBs are loaded from a spring follower tube). It uses the smaller 8 gram CO2 cartridge. It has an excellent SA trigger and shoots pretty hard compared to other Colt Peacemaker replicas. The Western Plainsman was manufactured for only a short period of time and examples that still shoot are pretty rare.

NZ Airgun article about Healthways air pistols (pg 1, pg 2, pg 3). With permission from the author, Trevor Adams.

Performance: Measurements were made on 9/08/06 at a temperature of 80 F and 14' elevation. A ten shot string was fired from a bench rest at 15' using Crosman Copperhead BBs (5.1 gr). The highest velocity measured was 485 fps, the lowest was 462 fps (average of the 10-shot string was 474 fps). A six shot string fired with open sights grouped at 1.07". Click the thumbnail below to see a larger image. Click here for a description of the measurement methods.


Right Profile:
Front View:
Right Side Markings:
Left Side Markings:
Loading BBs: Up to 20 BBs can be loaded in the spring-loaded BB tube. A BB is brought into firing position when the hammer is cocked.
Loading CO2: A drop of Crosman Pellgun Oil should be placed on the top and bottom of the 8 gram cartridge prior to inserting it into the gun. Insert the CO2 cartridge and rotate the piercing cam counter-clockwise until it is tight (this requires some effort). Put on the grip cover and cock the gun. Cocking the gun pierces the CO2 cylinder. This mechanism will not pierce cartridges that have an indent at the tip. Use cartridges like the one shown below on the left that have a smooth seal. Cartridges like the one on the right work well in most other guns but not in the Western Plainsman or any other gun that has a short piercing pin.



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