Walther CP99 Compact (Umarex)


Walther P99 Compact (9 mm)

Umarex, Walther CP99 Compact
Replica Of:
Walther P99 Compact
Made In:
177, steel BB, 15-shot magazine
Air Source:
CO2, 12 g Powerlet
Recommended Pellet or BB:
Crosman Copperhead
Weight (lb)/Length (in):
1.6, 6.5
Body Material/Finish/Grips:
metal/plastic, blued/black, plastic
Barrel Length (in)/Material/Rifled:
3.5, steel, no
Trigger Action:
Trigger Pull (lbs)/Adjustable:
4.9 (SA), no
Sights (front/rear):
fixed, fixed
Velocity (fps):
Sound Level (dB): 96
Thickness of Pellet Holder (in): N/A
Manufactured Dates:
2005 - present
95%, yes, yes
Serial Number:
Comments: This Walther replica by Umarex has true semi-auto operation with authentic blowback action. While not very accurate, it is a lot of fun to shoot and makes a great plinker. The magazine holds 15 BBs and is very quick to change. The safety, on the right-hand side, is difficult to operate since it must be pulled back and pushed up at the same time to disengage (fire). The accessory rail on the front below the barrel is a Weaver mount, but it is very short and therefore mostly cosmetic. The accessory mount and the laser sight that are made for the CP99 (and the CPSport) will not fit the CP99 Compact.

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Performance: Measurements were made on 8/10/06 at a temperature of 84 F and 14' elevation. A ten shot string was fired from a bench rest at 15' using Crosman Copperhead BBs (5.1 gr). The highest velocity measured was 304 fps, the lowest was 268 fps (average of the 10-shot string was 286 fps). A six shot string fired with open sights grouped at 1.33". Click the thumbnail below to see a larger image. Click here for a description of the measurement methods.


Right Profile: The slide must be pulled back to cock the gun after the safety has been disengaged. The gun will not cock with the safety engaged. Engaging the safety automatically decocks the gun. If the gun is loaded with BBs and the trigger is pulled while the safety is engaged (on), a BB will roll down the barrel (the Gamo Auto 45 has a similar quirk).

Front View:

Right Side Markings:

Left Side Markings:

Loading BBs:

Loading CO2: The backstrap of the gun is removed to load the CO2 cylinder. The piercing cam is similar to the system used on the CP99 and the CPSport.




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